Here's what a few of our clients have to say...

"We are grateful to Teak & his staff for the great job of guiding us through the entire process- from purchasing the house to drawing up the plans to the construction process. It made the entire process go incredibly smoothly and made our moving in a joy."

H. Levy

"I thought building a home would be a very stressful event in our lives. I was wrong. Teak and his crew turned it into a very exciting time for us. We have our dream home and a lot of great memories making it! Thanks, Teak!"

H. Cocallas

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with you during the construction of my dream home. Beside being professionals, your sub-contractors were polite and accommodating. Your contract price corresponded with my budget requirements. Your construction quality met and, in many cases, exceeded my expectations.

Putting these items aside, I was most impressed in the fact that in every instance you always responded to my calls and questions in an expedited manner.

I can, without hesitation, recommend Macnon Builders to anyone who is seeking a custom contractor for a residential project."

G. Pappas

"I can't say enough about Teak's quality as a person and a builder."

K. Hennessy

"We love our house, thank you!"

N. Prince

"Of all of the proposals submitted, yours is truly the most comprehensive and professional. I appreciate the effort and thought that went into your proposal. The time you spent with me up front to understand our preferences and vision for the final product indicates to me your level of commitment in delivering a quality home that meets or exceeds your clients expectations. Furthermore, the system that you have developed to guide the process and ensure a smooth construction period provides me assurance that the project will remain on time and within budget."

M. Kirie

"We really enjoyed meeting with you... Your casual, laid back, yet totally professional and knowledgeable manner were wonderful and really what we were looking for."

J. Bates

"Not only did you build [our home] well, but your optimism, patience and sense of humor made it enjoyable and not a drudge. Thanks for the great house — we look forward to making it into a great home, too."

S. Goldberger

"Our plan called for a high level of finish and trim detail and your company handled it beautifully. I'm sure we'll be doing business again in the future."

M. Reilly, Libertyville
president Diamond City Studios, Chicago

"Please put me on your list of references!"

R. Ruggie, Glencoe

"Your design for our project was just great, we love it. We weren't sure what we wanted exactly when we started, but giving us a solid design and a price before we started took a lot of the scariness and guesswork out of the whole process. Thank you and your crews for a job well done."

D. Pajevic, Park Ridge

"Mr. Barton, thanks for your excellent work."

R. Silverman, Northbrook

"We looked at a lot of homes before we bought yours, and the difference in quality in your home was immediately obvious."

B. Paladino, Grayslake

"Everything looks great. Thanks for the great job."

W. Gude, Chicago

If you are a past or current client of Macnon Builders, feel free to add your own comments.