How long will it take to build my house?

You should usually figure between 7 to 10 months for completion of a custom home depending on weather, complexity of design & finish materials, and the number of changes made during construction. Which leads us to another commonly asked question...

What if I want to make changes in design or material selection during construction?

Changes are never a problem for us and are almost always anticipated in any building project. While some change is almost inevitable, it is advisable that clients make as many decisions as possible before the blueprints are finished and construction begins. This simplifies and shortens the building process and helps to keep your cost down.

I'm feeling overwhelmed by the number of product choices for everything from windows to countertops to roof shingles. Can you help me make some decisions?

Definitely! There are literally thousands of products to choose from in designing your home. Let our experience and expertise help guide you through the possibilities. We can give you first hand insight into which products do what, what their performance criteria are, whether they're cost effective and how they will fit into your budget. We can also steer you to the best showrooms and/or completed homes we've built so you can see the products up close and in use.

What kind of warranty will I get on my new home/addition?

Macnon Builders provides a two (2) year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This is twice the length of the industry standard of one (1) year. We also provide a 10-year no leak warranty on new roofing. Your continued satisfaction as a customer is a highest priority before, during and after construction.

How can I tell whether or not the house I want to build will be buildable on my lot?

We will gladly tell you the maximum buildable limits of your lot without charge or obligation.

What if my dream home won't fit on my lot, but I want to build it anyway?

If you are one of those driven people in life who go to the edge to get what you want, Macnon is with you all the way. We have an impressive record on obtaining highly coveted and difficult to get zoning variances. We will review all your options to make your dreams come true including innovative site planning, floor plan juggling and aforementioned zoning variances

I want to include some antique / unusual/ rustic elements into my home. Can you accommodate me?

Definitely! We welcome your ideas that will make your home as unique as you are. We apply our design expertise until the impossible is possible and your dreams are realized.

I want to know if my dream home will fit my budget before I commit to having blueprints drawn. Can you tell me how much my home will cost before I get blueprints?

Absolutely! Nothing is more frustrating and disappointing than having detailed blueprints drafted only to find out what you have drawn is way out of your budget. Through several approaches, we can approximate the cost of your home before moving to the blueprint phase.

If I contract you to provide the blueprints am I obliged to contract you for the construction?

No. It is our policy to provide all of our services without pressure or obligation. If we contract to draft blueprints for you, you are still free to shop the blueprint with other builders for comparative pricing. We are, however, confident that you will ultimately stick with us when it comes to choosing your builder. It is our confidence in the quality of our services and craftsmanship that allows us to invite comparison to our competition.