Nobody knows what effects man's activities are going to have on the environment over the long haul. Are we drastically and irrevocably changing our weather patterns or is our influence insignificant compared to the wide swinging natural cycles of ice age / warm age, axis tilt fluctuations and even magnetic pole reversal? Are we squandering our environment and resources or are we just shifting to a new sustainable balance of man vs.nature reflecting our inevitable technological and industrial advances over the last hundred years?

The only broad consensus is that we are having some effect on our environment and that we probably will all have to change our attitudes and habits to preserve the environment and its resources as we enjoy them today. However, the building industry is slow to change and there are very few financial incentives to build with conservation and recycling in mind. Only conscientious efforts by builders and homeowners will yield responsible choices.

Macnon Builders is committed to building in a manner that minimizes environmental impact, preserves natural resources and delivers the highest indoor air quality (IAQ) possible- collectively known as greenbuilding. This includes recycling waste and using recycled materials when feasible, using environmentally friendly water-based solvents and finishes where practical, reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) which cause offgassing, using energy efficient building products and making available to our clients alternative products and technologies like geothermal heating & cooling, photovoltaic and thermal solar, Timberstrand dimensional lumber, cementitious siding, open & closed cell icynene insulation and many others.

Macnon Builders exclusively uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber which guarantees responsible and sustainable forestry management meaning that all the lumber to build your home is being replaced by new forest planting. We encourage anyone interested in finding out more about greenbuilding and environmental aternatives to call us or visit some of the sites listed under the greenbuilding section of our links page.

Macnon Builders is also a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2003.

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