Hello. My name is Teak Barton, president & founder of Macnon Builders. I was first introduced to the world of construction at the age of eleven when I started working for my father's large Chicago-based general contracting firm. At that time, my main tools were a broom and a shovel, but as time and experience progressed, I became a skilled carpenter and craftsman learning from many other talented craftsman I had the honor and pleasure to work with.

When my father retired and sold his share in his business, I went to work for other north shore builders gaining valuable experience in framing and trim carpentry and eventually project management. At the same time I was studying engineering and drafting at The University of Illinois. After working for several north shore builders in increasing capacities of responsibility, I started to feel that I could do a better job at building than they could.

Armed with this confidence and a sense of high integrity and commitment to my clients, I founded Macnon Builders in 1987 with the goal of becoming the north shore's best builder. As time went on and my list of completed projects and satisfied clients grew, so did my involvement with some of the north shore's finest architects and designers. I began to cultivate an interest in the power and possibilities of custom home design. Inspired by the talented architects whose designs I was building, I began drawing upon my drafting skills learned at U.I.C. to help my clients design their dream homes and additions using state of the art 2-D and 3-D CAD software. It wasn't long before working with my clients to arrive at the best possible design for them was my favorite part of the whole building process.

That still holds true today. So does my and my staff's personal commitment of quality, integrity and dedication to all our clients past and future. No matter how far our technology advances, people will always be at the center of everything we do.

Teak Barton

Macnon Builders